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Cover Eyelets for Guy Ropes zoom
Cover Eyelets for Guy Ropes Eyelets in the cover to which the Heavy Duty Guy Rope Set can be attached

Available Leg Extension zoom
Available Leg Extension Legs can be extended a further 20cm if desired. Each hole is 10cm apart.

Wall Bag Photo 1 zoom
Wall Bag Photo 1 Wall bag is included with all gazebos when purchased with a wall set

Wall Bag Photo 2 zoom
Wall Bag Photo 2

Side Wall Set with Bungees and Pegs zoom
Side Wall Set with Bungees and Pegs All our Side Wall Sets come with Carry Bag, Bungee Cords (to attach wall to frame) and Peg Set (to secure bottom of walls)

Bungee Cord Attachments zoom
Bungee Cord Attachments The walls attach to the frames using eyelets. Bungee cords are supplied with Side Wall Set.

Bungee Cord Attachments Close-up zoom
Bungee Cord Attachments Close-up

When Two Walls Meet zoom
When Two Walls Meet All walls have option of being joined using zips and bungee cords

When Two Walls Meet Close-up zoom
When Two Walls Meet Close-up

When Two Walls Meet Close-up 2 zoom
When Two Walls Meet Close-up 2

Roll-down Blind Rolled Up zoom
Roll-down Blind Rolled Up All Side Wall Sets include a window wall which can also act as a plain wall thanks to a roll-down blind

Roll-down Blind Rolled Down zoom
Roll-down Blind Rolled Down

Bottom of Wall Eyelets zoom
Bottom of Wall Eyelets These eyelets allow the wall to be pegged to the grass or secured to weights to prevent billowing

Roof Cover Tensioning Straps zoom
Roof Cover Tensioning Straps These velcro straps secure the cover to the frame and also tension it to prevent water tanking and to give a neat, non-sagging appearance

Walls Attach to Cover zoom
Walls Attach to Cover A 5cm wide velcro strip on the inside of the valance allows easy set up of your Side Wall Set. Walls have a corresponding velcro strip, providing a much stronger attachment than velcro loops