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Gazebo Prices

Price List - November 2014
*****All prices are inclusive of VAT*****

Size (m)
Frame &

Cover &

MTL Pro 40

37mm Sq Leg
3 x 3

3 x 4.5

MTL Hex 50
3 x 3
50mm Hex Leg
3 x 4.5

Which type of gazebo to choose

The first thing is to decide which range is most suitable for you. This will depend on what you plan to use your gazebo for. All of our gazebos are heavy duty (none of them are budget gazebos). The easiest way to distinguish is by the size of the leg, yet there are many other differences too so please see the detailed product descriptions.

MTL Pro 40 (37mm square leg):
An extremely strong Gazebo, recommended for business, corporate, and daily use.
(Can be erected by two people)

MTL Hex 50 (50mm hexagonal leg):
Our new super heavy-duty Gazebo, recommended for daily use, or as a semi permanent structure to be used all year round (barring extreme weather conditions!).
(Can be erected by two people)

Recommended Usage and What Is Covered Under The Warranty:
All of our gazebos are Heavy Duty, however they must be used sensibly - please remember they are a portable, not a permanent structure. The warranty covers wear and tear but does not cover improper use. Gazebos will not be covered under the warranty if left up overnight, used in adverse weather conditions, or left unattended. While our gazebos are suitable for all of the previously mentioned conditions, due to the unpredictability of the UK weather we cannot offer repair or replacement under the warranty if damage occurs in any of these situations.

Once you've decided which strength gazebo you are after, the next step is to choose the size. We have the following sizes available:

3 x 3m: Definitely our most popular size when it comes to pop up gazebos, 3 x 3m is the perfect size for most situations. As it is square it is also ideal for use as a modular gazebo by using a number of these together to create an even bigger sheltered area.
(Suitable for 8 people seated or 12 standing)

3 x 4.5m: This size is becoming increasingly popular. More and more traders are finding that the extra 1.5m frontage gives them a great advantage over their competitors with only 3m. The great thing is that if you find yourself limited to 3m frontage you can just set it up the other way, providing more depth for extra stock etc.
(Suitable for 12 people seated or 18 standing)

3 x 6m: Our largest size, this is best for large groups of people at any social event. Also popular with mobile valeters working on larger vehicles, and larger stallholders who need the extra room.
(Suitable for 16 people seated or 24 standing) . Please get in touch with us on the phone if this is preferred.

What to look for when buying a gazebo

Here are a few tips on the things to look out for when purchasing a gazebo. If you are comparing ours with gazebos from other companies then please be sure to check their specifications. Many of our competitors make false claims such as 'Heavy Duty" when in fact they are far from it.

Weight and Strength: The weight of the frame is often the quickest way to determine the strength of the gazebo. Although not always the case, usually the heavier the gazebo, the stronger it is. Be aware though of the difference between aluminium and steel. Weight for weight, aluminium is stronger. For example, a 15 kg aluminium gazebo should be stronger than a 15 kg steel gazebo.

The strength of the frame is determined by a variety of factors. One of the most important is the extrusion of the aluminium itself. Our gazebos are all extruded to 2 mm thick whereas our competitors often use anything between 0.5 - 1.5 mm. Secondly, it is important to check the dimensions of the legs and cross bars. The legs of many "Heavy Duty" Gazebos are 25 x 25 mm whereas ours start at 40 mm and go up to 50 mm. Other than this there are a number of smaller things to check, but the easiest thing to do is look at our products and see our specifications - it's all there.

Waterproof: Although many companies like to claim that their gazebos are waterproof, it isn't always the case. Some have a sprayed or brushed on coating which can wear over time. All our gazebos are PVC coated, meaning they have an actual PVC lining on the inside and are therefore fully waterproof. Beware of low quality PA coatings, as these can sometimes only be water resistant.

Weather: Watch out for people who promise a gazebo that can withstand any weather condition! No pop up, free standing gazebo can be claimed to do so. Our heavy duty gazebos are robust, and when used properly (weighted and tied down) can withstand a lot, but they aren't permanent structures and shouldn't be assumed to have the strength of such. We'll always be honest with you about what our gazebos are suitable for.

And remember - don't be afraid to ask other companies all these questions, if they don't know the answer then don't buy!

Why you should buy from us

We offer value for money, and will throw in professional and friendly service and excellent after care for free.

Warranty: We offer a 3 year warranty against wear and tear on all of our frames. That's because we know that if used correctly they will last a great deal longer!

Parts: Should you have an accident with your gazebo we stock all the spare parts, and can have them on their way to you within 24 hours. For parts that aren't covered under the warranty, as a customer you will receive a discount on our normal parts prices.

Service: As a family business, we offer the kind of service you'd expect - friendly, helpful, and efficient. Just give us a call on 01249 248199 to discuss your requirements, or to arrange a visit.

The little extras: We are constantly improving our gazebos and always look for ways to improve. Heavy duty bags, heavy duty peg and guy rope sets and additional carry bags for walls are just a few examples of the many extras we add.

Our Heavy Duty Gazebos are ideal for:

Daily Use
Work Area Shelter (Valeting, Carpentry etc)
Trade Shows
Market Trading
Corporate Events
Car Boot Sales
Garden Parties
School Sports Days
Pit Shelter for Go Karting etc.
Motor sport Awnings
Sports Shelters for Football, Rugby etc.
Team Shelter
Catering Tent
Exhibition Tents
Outdoor Shelter